Coffee shops, restaurants and “Ontario’s Food Tax”. Collecting the right amount of tax “will” improve your bottom line.

 At the “point of sale” purchasing prepared food in Ontario constitutes an 8% PST rebate toward the 13% HST if the subtotal is $4.00 or under.

In short; Ontarian’s and guests to our province pay only 5% tax in Ontario on coffee and food totalling $4.00 and under.  Whether eat in or take out.

Reducing tax paid on prepared food and eligible beverages can increase a coffee business’ bottom line.  How?  Let’s explain.

 Most of us only look at the “final price paid” on our receipts for a  single coffee at the register (including tax).  So let’s set our final price including tax to $1.50 for a coffee.

A single coffee taxed properly should be $1.43 (higher – selling price) + 5% (7¢ HST) payable = $1.50

Compare: taxing that coffee at 13% HST without implementing the Ontario Food Tax rebate of 8%.  Keeping the final total including tax to $1.50.

Single coffee priced at $1.33 (lower – selling price) + 13% (17¢ HST) = $1.50

As you see setting up your POS correctly nets your business an extra 10¢ every coffee sold at $1.50 (tax included).  You can collect and remit the higher tax or you can adjust your own selling price, apply the Ontario 8% rebate and keep the extra revenue.  It’s all above board; your choice.

For more information please visit the following link to Canadian Revenue Agency.

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